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Have you been reading the magazine closely over the last year? You’ll find all the answers to this quiz in there. Prove you’ve been reading and win three books. To enter reply to this post on our WeChat account (drinkmagazine). The answers will be announced on January 8 and the winner will be drawn at random then. Good luck!

1. Cicerone侍酒师认证与哪种酒饮相关?

The Cicerone qualification relates to which drink?

2. 哪家酒吧荣登全球最佳50家酒吧榜单榜首?

Which bar was named No 1 on the World’s 50 Best Bars?

3. Pisco Sour秘鲁和智利的国酒是什么?

What is the national drink of Peru and Chile?

4. 哪种鸡尾酒推出了空中工具箱?

Which cocktail was launched as a mid-air mixology kit?

5. 一家以吸入式鸡尾酒为特色的伦敦云酒吧是谁设计的?

Who was responsible for a London cloud bar with inhalable cocktails?

6. Gaz Regan为哪种鸡尾酒写了一本新指南?

What cocktail did Gaz Regan write a new guide to?

7. 哪家上海酒吧开到了曼谷?

Which Shanghai bar expanded to Bangkok?

8. 原料中梨的比例最低多少才能冠以杜姆伏龙泰卡尔瓦多斯的称号?

What is the minimum percentage of pears needed for a calvados to be granted AOC Calvados Domfrontais status?

9. 对还是错——《饮迷》杂志即将发行东南亚版?

True or False – DRiNK is launching a Southeast Asia version of the magazine?

10. 哪位鸡尾酒传奇人物在今年出版了《饮!》第二版?

Which cocktail legend published a second version of Imbibe! this year?

11. 美国首家白酒酒吧叫什么?

What was the name of the first baijiu bar to launch in the US?

12. 在美国,黑麦威士忌酒醪中发酵黑麦谷物的最低比例是多少?

In the USA, what is the minimum amount of rye grain needed in the mash to make a rye whiskey?

13. 全球最佳50家酒吧中有多少家亚洲酒吧上榜?

How many Asia bars were in the World’s 50 Best?

14. 35 中国葡萄酒在2015年品醇客世界葡萄酒大奖中斩获多少个奖项?

How many medals did Chinese wines win at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards

15. 在特其拉产业中,CNIT代表什么?

In tequila what does CNIT mean?

16. “ 瓶内发酵”啤酒需要添加什么原料?

What needs added to “bottle condition” beer?

17. Steve Schneider那样快速调酒,我们教给你几招?

How many ways did we teach you to bartend like Steve Schneider?

18. 谁声称不到一周就能陈酿出20年陈朗姆酒?

Who claimed to be able to age a rum 20 years in a week?

19. 制作席拉伯有多少种方法?

How many ways are there to make a shrub?

20. 根据Ned Goodwin 的唯一真理,生蚝配什么葡萄酒是灾难性的?

According to Ned Goodwin, the only real rule is that raw oysters and which wine are disastrous?

21. Logan Brouse在品尝什么酒时说闻起来有我想象中碧昂丝的味道

What spirit did Logan Brouse say had a nose of “What I imagine Beyonce to smell like”?

22. 盲品是对葡萄酒风土的纯粹评价,因为如果你判断不出风土的话,那它就毫无意义了,这句话是哪位酿酒师说的?

“This is a pure judge of what terroir is, because if you can’t pick it, it’s bullshit” – says which winemaker?


“If you were chatting someone up and offered them a drink and they said whisky, you might end up having a stimulating conversation about politics; if they said tequila, you'd think ""I better have a condom, right?” - who said that?

24. 哪家上海酒吧隐藏在一个可口可乐自动贩卖机后面?

Which Shanghai bar is hidden inside a coca-cola vending machine?

25. 哪位电影导演设计了米兰Prada艺术基金会内的一家酒吧?

Which movie director designed the bar at the Fondazione Prada in Milan?

26. 制作绝地拉西时,陆遥总是把《星战》人物和什么搞混?

When making his Jedi Lassi cocktail, what did Lu Yao confuse Star Wars names with?

27. 在汤力水之前, 金酒流行搭配什么原料?

Before tonic, what was once just as popularly mixed with gin?

28. 一位模特客人想点杯让我清醒,把我灌醉的酒,调酒师上了什么?

What drink did a model customer get when she asked for something to “wake me up, then fuck me up”?

29. Le Syndicat哪家巴黎酒吧仅供应法国利口酒?What Parisian bar only serves French liquor?

30. 哪种桃红葡萄酒更适合搭配中餐?清淡型或深色桃红葡萄酒?

What shade of rosé pairs better with Chinese food, light or dark?


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